Independent consultancy, research and evaluation of authentication technologies for document and product security     

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David Pizzanelli  

Consultant Holographer

One of the pioneers of embossed holograms, David Pizzanelli provides independent services in the field of document and product security for government departments, financial institutions and brand owners. With over 30 years experience of brand protection and document security, David Pizzanelli offers independent guidance in the field of Holograms, DOVIDs, and OVDs used to protect banknotes, passports, tax stamps and other government documents, as well as commercial products and packaging.   More

Dr David Pizzanelli, Holographer and Freelance Consultant

Reports on Security, Authentication, Banknotes, Brand Protection and anti-counterfeiting.                                             More


David Pizzanelli
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“The Future of Banknote Printing to 2024”

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