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                 The 3-D Adventures

   of Damien Shark

We love Damien and his dots, his skulls, his butterflies, his spin-paintings and his sharks. This is a 3-D homage series designed to be printed onto a pair of canvases each  25” x 25” and hung on a wall (at eye-level) so that the 3-D image can be seen, extending several inches into the viewer’s space.  

The artwork is available for free, without having to actually buy the NFT: On OpenSea Left-click on the NFT image (that brings the image to the middle of the screen) right-click on the image and select ‘open in a new tab’. In the new tab, left-click the image (to enlarge it) and finally right-click to save the full-size artwork to your computer.

Click here for the NFTs on

Phantograms are type of stereoscopic image, where the subject stands out in front of the background into the viewer’s space (like a phantom). To see the 3-D image, you have to cross your eyes (try holding up an index finger and then looking beyond to the three images behind: the one in the middle is in 3-D).  For more about 3-D Phantograms see Wikipedia: 'Phantograms' (not the band).
Unlike Holograms and Lenticulars that take specialist equipment to make copies, Phantograms can be printed by your local printer.